Posted on Mar 23, 2020 in News

March 20, 2020

Residents we understand that there is a shortage of toilet paper caused by panic buying during the coronavirus outbreak.  Which means more people are turning to wipes as a go-to toilet paper replacement.  But the Hillsborough MUA is urging Township residents not to flush wipes, baby wipes or paper towels, even if the package says ‘flushable’.  These products do not break down and clog up sewer pipes and pump station equipment.  

It’s not just the townships sewer system equipment that can break down. Wipes and paper towels also can clog up plumbing at home, leading to a costly visit from a plumber. Please dispose of wipes and paper towels in a bathroom trash can.  Other common bathroom items that can cause problems in the sewer include bleach wipes, baby wipes, floss, flossing picks, feminine hygiene products, rags and paper towels.  

Remember to securely tie and double bag this trash to keep our waste collectors safe.  The Hillsborough MUA is on call 24 hours a day for any sewer related emergency.  If you need to reach us during normal business hours 9am-4pm Monday thru Friday please call us at 908-371-9660 if you need us anytime there after please call the Hillsborough Township Police Department at 908-369-4323  and they will get ahold of us. 

Please check our website for any other information you may need.

Hillsborough Municipal Utilities Authority