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Hillsborough MUA Authority Profile

The Township of Hillsborough Municipal Utilities was created in 1965 and has provided sanitary sewer service to the Township of Hillsborough since 1966 within a twenty (20) square mile service area situated in the Royce’s Brook Drainage basin and adjacent areas located within The Township of Hillsborough.

The Township of Hillsborough Municipal Utilities Authority (hereinafter the “Authority”) provides residential, commercial, industrial and municipal needs for more than 10,000 customers, representative of 13,000 + billing units. Presently the Authority operates and maintains the sanitary sewer collection system consisting of 181 miles of gravity sewer, 17 sewage pumping stations, 14.6 miles of force main piping and 3 inverted siphons crossing under the Raritan River conveying flow to the Somerset Raritan Valley Sewerage Authority (SRVSA) Wastewater Treatment Facility. The system currently conveys an average daily flow of approximately 3.3 million gallons to the SRVSA Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

The Authority is governed by a five member board. On an annual basis the Township Committee appoints or reappoints a member to serve a five-year term. There are no tax dollars supporting the Authority operations. Its debt service and operational expenses are required by law to be paid by the revenue generated from customer service fees. Please note not all Hillsborough Township residents are serviced by the Authority.

The Authority is a 24/7 operation and has staff available around the clock to respond to emergencies whether they be equipment problems or customer needs. All of our facilities are electronically monitored with an automatic dialer to contact our employees should an emergency situation arise.

For off-hour or Holiday emergencies, click here.

The Authority operates and maintains its facilities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Operate our facilities in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Monitor our facilities to ascertain compliance with all federal and state regulations.
  • Maintain and improve our infrastructure, equipment and facilities to provide adequate capacity.
  • To develop a well trained skilled work force and safe work environment.
  • Below is a slideshow of some of our facilities and equipment.

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